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Help us accomplish this mission in Tanzania, thanks to your support we can help the children from Alpha School, in Arusha.

The proceeds will be used to obtain aid for the children. Once raised the money, we will buy the material on the spot and we will document the delivery to the school of Arusha with a video. We will keep you updated on every step of the mission until the completion and you will have the chance to meet with the solidarity couriers that are organizing it.

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Any aid, albeit small, can make the difference.

Mission data

Solidarity couriers Fabio Talucci, Silvia Primerano
Contact person in Tanzania Alicemasai Kivuyo
School Alpha School di Arusha
Children in need 36+
Material to be purchased School supplies, backpacks, shoes, sport suits, balls
Collection target
€ 1.600

This is the first target we are aiming at, going beyond we can help more children by extending our help to another school in Tanzania. All the proceeds will be used to aid the children. Management costs of the mission will be afforded separately. You can also help the mission supporting management costs: Find out how

Funds raised
€ 3152.01
Filippo Ramondelli Marian Banda Cristina Di Felice Gianluca Simone Maria Scatigna roberta cupido Andrea Pibia Alessandra Giovarruscio Nicoletta Antonucci Matteo Malatesta Leonardo Poggiogalle Rossella Di Camillo Alberto Cavazzani Davide Zulian SILVIA FORTI Tania Mascitelli Diego Della Ragione Danilo Primavera PIERLUIGI LECCESE TIZIANA di Genova Scopigni Francesca Clayton Kendall Samuel Antenucci Daniela Di Felice Alberto Di Muzio Mattia Rocci Francesca Di Marco Antonio Di Leonardo Cosimo Balestra Mariagrazia Mattozza Paolo Calcagni Fiorella Picciani Pasquale Calcagni Luca Ansevini Sara Bascelli Mauro Talucci Giona Chiodini Annalisa Di Cesare Luca Di Lieto Massimo Lalli Simone Tirimacco Antonio Di Leonardo Martina Di Marco Romina Riccitelli Stefano Parisse Elena Sbaraglia Valeria Rocci Michele Romano Maria Colozzi e Claudio Chinnici Adelina Febbo Adriana D’arcangelo Akai Wakusei Andrea Mariani Antonio Primerano Antonio Tripodi Claudio Di Girolamo Cristina Di Felice Daniele Dell’osa Daniele Giansante Dario Talucci Eisa Baglioni Enzo Mastroianni Fabio Talucci Fabiola Obrosi Federico Ferraudo Fernanda Marini Gianluca Benincasa Gianluca Sinibaldi Giovanni Bonaventura Giuseppe Barbaro Luciana Ciccone Marco De Rosa Maria Teresa Ciavarella Maura D’Amico Nico Andrea Di Benedetto Paolo Perrotta Raffaele Conti Romani Michele Simone Saraullo Valerio Marcellino

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You want to purchase the material needed as well?
You can contribute with a PayPal donation

Thanks to your contribution, we will purchase the material to deliver. You don’t have a PayPal account? You can donate using other methods of payment, as described in the FAQ below.

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