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Vision | Mission


To start an unstoppable chain reaction, awakening the primordial beauty of solidarity in humans.


To create a global network of solidarity couriers with the aim of combining the journey with solidarity through an innovative form of charity, using any communication channel to document the act of solidarity, involving and inspiring as many people as possible.

The project

How Take Me Back starts

In November 2015 Andrea and Erika have been on an itinerant journey in Sri Lanka. Along the way they had the opportunity to meet a very extraordinary family: a man that repairs bikes, his wife and their 4 children. They welcomed our travellers in their home – a 20 square metres room near to the jungle – and treated them as special guests, sharing the family intimacy with them.

The idea

When they had to say goodbye, the mother of that marvellous family asked them if it would have been possible to send her the photos Erika took during their stay. The two of them obviously accepted the request with a lot of enthusiasm, surprised to learn that instead of asking for money, they simply wanted photos, to remember them and be able to put on their empty walls some family portraits.

When Andrea and Erika got back home they were very willing to send the photos, although they were aware of the difficulty of the shipping: unfortunately, in some countries it’s very hard to send something. Here it’s when Antonio arrives on the scene, a great friend of theirs who’s been traveling the world for more than ten years. He assured them that he would have delivered the photos, since he was planning a trip to Sri Lanka for a long time.

The delivery

In January 2016 Antonio left for Sri Lanka and made a video of this special delivery. The joy Andrea and Erika experienced in seeing the emotion of the man receiving simple photos, and the joy Antonio felt in delivering them, are amongst the best and strongest feelings they have ever tried.

Hence the idea to create a global network of solidarity couriers to awaken the primordial beauty of solidarity in humans.


Take Me Back

Founders of Take Me back

Antonio Di Leonardo
Creator and co-founder of Take Me Back, he is the first solidarity courier and he made multiple deliveries including one in Thailand, in 2016, and one in Sri Lanka, in 2017. He has been traveling alone for more than 14 years and he gave life to Travel in Progress, a project with which he helps people with the mental preparation and with the practical organisation of the journey.

Andrea Mariani
Co-founder of Take Me Back, he made numerous deliveries including one in Thailand, in 2016, and one in Sri Lanka, in 2017. Winner of literary competitions, he wrote the travel story “Nam Jai”, attached with the documentary video filmed on the spot.

Take Me Back Staff

Antonio Di Leonardo


Andrea Mariani


Marco Napoli


Leo Margiotti

Graphic Designer

Nico Di Benedetto

Web Designer

Barbara Del Fallo

Press Office

Francesco Di Bucchianico

Marketing and communication

Luca Nicolucci

Social Media Manager

Tiziana Di Genova


Giuliana Colucci

Translation and content

Erika Secondino


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